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The interpretation of Rastelli to the evolving consumer needs which demands quality and design but also aware of the value of what they are buying. R1 is a complete program that does not renounce to quality and design features which distinguish Rastelli, it’s able to offer a product that makes value for money one of its strengths. The 22 mm thick door is available in 8 different materials: low pressure laminate (LPL) in wood finish, laminate with laser edging, polymeric, matt lacquer, glossy singlesided lacquer, oak veneer, glass and ceramics. The vertical and horizontal aluminum profiles contribute to give a minimalist look to this kitchen, offering an alternative opening system to the doors instead of using the normal handles, available as an option anyway. The wall system collection completes the image of this model in a sober and contemporary way, overcoming the kitchen area and offering the possibility to develop other complete interiors by creating an aesthetic balance between authenticity and sophistication.

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