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Tiffany, designed by Gianpiero Scopigno, is an avant-garde interpretation of the contemporaryclassical style, shows all its beauty with the glossy and the matt lacquered doors, the glossy and the matt mica-based lacquered doors, neoclassical inspiration motifs, the precious gold and silver finishes, handles in bright chrome or gold finish, the backsplashes in granite pure black or Covelano white marble with veins gold or silver. Tiffany perfectly combines concepts of elegance and style embracing purely formal and decorative elements only apparently in contrast and creating a play of lights and reflections suitable for exigent and refined people. The choice of composition runs between fifteen lacquered finishes and six mica-based finishes, with an unexpected quality of brightness on the surface. The decorations in silver and gold finish guide the other elements of the composition like cornices and plinths. The collection is enriched thanks to the glasses with dew finish and with real gold leaves decorations together with the highly selected new marble and quartz worktops. Choosing Tiffany means choosing a timeless style that passes beyond the current trends. Choosing Tiffany changes your kitchen into a special place of scenic beauty with an emotional impact.

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